February 26th, 2016
Posted By: Lucy Vallely

I am so excited and honored to have interviewed vegan surfer and model, Tia Blanco. I’ve been following her for awhile now and I absolutely adore her. She’s so cool and inspiring. Keep on reading to learn more about her!


When and why did you start surfing? Did you know that this was something you wanted to do professionally when you first started?

My dad introduced the sport of surfing to me when I was 3 years old. I never started surfing in hopes of becoming a professional… My family surfed for fun and knew nothing about the competitive side of surfing. It was not until I was about 12 years old that I realized I could possibly make a career for myself just by doing what I love!

How long have you been vegan and what inspired you to cut out animal products from your diet?

We all say we love animals and are against animal cruelty, but we pay people to slaughter them. It is not for any necessity at all because we do not need to eat animals to be healthy; we like the way they taste. I was raised vegetarian and I have been vegan for over 3 years now. I primarily went vegan for my health, but there are various reasons why I continue to live a vegan lifestyle. Here are a few:
-500,000 animals are killed everyday in the U.S. alone for human consumption.
-Livestock and their byproducts (meat and dairy) account for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
-Agriculture is responsible for 80%-90% of the US water consumption.
-3/4 of the world’s fisheries are exploited or depleted because of over fishing.
-The leading causes of rainforest destruction are livestock and feed crops.

Every meal you sit down and eat, you choose to either contribute to all of the above, or you simply choose to eat a plant-based diet.


Your other Instagram page (@tiasvegankitchen) has so many delicious recipes on it! What is your favorite vegan dish that you make?

Thank you! Hmmm…My favorite vegan dish is Curry Noodle Soup with a variety of different root vegetables. I do not think I have that dish up yet on the account, but I will make a post on it soon.

What is something your followers may not know about you?

I eat a high-carb, low-fat vegan diet. I consume mostly healthy carbohydrates from fruits, veggies, legumes, and whole grains. I eat a low amount of fats, processed sugars, and salt. Contrary to what I always thought growing up, carbs do not make you fat!


What is one of your biggest accomplishments/favorite memory so far as a professional surfer?

My biggest accomplishment so far in my career is winning the 2015 ISA Women’s Gold Medal for the USA.

What are some of your favorite cruelty free/vegan beauty companies?

INIKA and Pacifica.


You have such a large following on social media. What’s the biggest message you hope to convey to your followers?

I would hope to encourage my followers to love more. –Love who you are, love what you do, and give your love to others more.–

Tia Blanco
Tia Blanco is an 18 year old professional surfer. She has been vegan for three years and spreads the vegan lifestyle through social media.