May 25th, 2016
Posted By: Emily Vallely

I feel so honored and privileged to be able to interview the legendary Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (guitarist of the Misfits) about veganism and music. I have met Doyle many times and have seen him play live in over 10 cities with his band fronted by singer Alex Story. They put on an amazing show and are the kindest most generous guys in the music business. I love that Doyle reps the vegan lifestyle through social media and inspires a huge fan base.


When and why did you go vegan?

I went full vegan January 1, 2014… I became vegan with the help of my girlfriend
ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ singer of ARCH ENEMY who has been VEGAN most of her life and has never eaten a piece of meat in her life EITHER!!! Amazing… She’s amazing…

People always ask vegans where they get their protein. You are obviously a great example of a vegan who get tons of protein. What is your favorite plant based protein source?

Oh that old chestnut… The store just like everyone else… My favorite way of getting protein is from Satan…(actually spelled SEITAN). I am a SEITAN worshiper… ALISSA and I make it often at home ourselves… It is made of vital wheat gluten, very high in protein… I also take a protein supplement… right now I take Vega Sport Performance.


Is it hard to maintain a vegan diet while touring? What advice do you recommend for someone who travels a lot and wants to be vegan?

No… I often say the vegans are the hunters because on the road… We have to search for vegan restaurants and vegan foods… We use an app called Happy Cow… It will tell you all the restaurants of whatever kind of food you want… And we also go to Whole Foods a lot and make our own food…

Do you use cruelty free products for your stage makeup? If so what are your favorite companies?

Yes… The company I use is called Mehron. I use the Clown White in the cake makeups. [Mehron is on Peta’s Does Not Test On Animals List).]

We are so excited for your new album as well as your Misfits reunion shows! You continue to stay so active and healthy in your 50s and are such an inspiration. Do you have any advice for younger fans who want to pursue music?

Yes… Do not spend your life in your room learning scales and arpeggios and G clefs… or other people’s stuff… Learn how to play your way… Write your own songs… You need great songs and have a great singer that’s all it’s about… You don’t need to waste your life shredding solos… It’s all about great songs and great singers… And being vegan and working out… hahah… And killing it onstage all you got every night…


Doyle became the Misfit's guitarist at the age of 16 in 1980. He currently tours with his band (Doyle) and will be playing the Misfits reunion shows in September 2016.