October 23rd, 2017
Posted By: Emily Vallely

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve chatted to you guys on here. So much has happened this year! In June I moved out of my parent’s house and into my own apartment. It honestly feels like a dream. For years I’ve imagined what my future home would look like; hardwood floors, a fireplace, vintage tile in the bathroom, and vintage cabinets in the kitchen. Well, I really think I manifested this apartment because it’s everything I wanted and even more. My apartment was built in 1937 and has so many original details such as sconces over the fireplace, wood doors and hardware, curved ceilings, and the aforementioned list of dream features. I decorated my place pretty fast because I had the opportunity to be featured in Flea Market Decor (the issue will be coming out next Spring!) and also because I have major OCD and like to get things done fast. I wanted to make it feel homey immediately, so I worked really hard to get everything done in a short amount of time.

Luckily, since my Mom and I are antique dealers I was able to find a lot of great pieces at estate sales, thrift stores, and also the shop where we have our space, Magnolia and Willow. These photos were taken a few weeks ago and I’ve added some pieces since they were taken. There is now a great turkish rug under my dining table, art above my oven, and a huge macrame piece my mom made in my bedroom. I know my apartment will be ever evolving, but I’m so happy I was able to have my friend Casey capture this moment in time. If you are interested in following along on my first time apartment renter journey be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I will be posting an official apartment tour video shortly!

The Living Room

When you walk into my apartment you are immediately greeted by a wall filled with portraits of women, dogs, and landscapes. I knew I wanted one wall dedicated to primarily portraits and I thought why not make the first thing you see be super dramatic and beautiful? I adore this wall as well as the Art Deco granite bar and Mid Century record cabinet I have underneath it.

My fireplace is not functioning but honestly you don’t need a functioning fireplace in Southern California, so I filled the area with tons of brass candle holders and white candlesticks. My velvet mustard chair is one of the most comfortable reading spots in my apartment and my mom found it for a bargain at a thrift store.

I found this peacock chair a little bit after I moved in and I love how tall and dramatic it is. I especially love the Morticia Addams vibes it gives the room. The Mid Century dresser is stylish and functional. I live with my boyfriend, Brandon, so the more storage space we can get the better! We also fill the vintage suitcases and Boy Scouts crate with random stuff. This is a great storage option if you live in an apartment!

The focal point of the living room is the mantle and beautiful nude portrait hanging above it. I just adore her! The vibe of this room is very feminine with tons of velvet, portraits and sculptures of women, and florals. But I tie it together with masculine elements such as the metal clipper ship, strong Art Deco and Mid Century pieces, and bold rich colors.

The Dining Room/Library

The owner of Magnolia and Willow and my dear friend Emily, gave me this dining set for a true bargain. These cane chairs are everywhere right now and I keep seeing them in shows such as This Is Us and Shameless. My Mid Century hutch is filled with black and gold MCM barware, my Franciscan Ware collection, and some of my Pyrex collection.

Our dining room also functions as a work space. I have an accordion hook where I keep my most used bags, a bookshelf filled with new and vintage books, and my 1920’s Arts and Crafts secretary desk. I have a lot of nature inspired touches in this room and my inspiration was definitely 1800’s Biologist. For those of you who may be concerned, the pheasant is of course vintage, my friend found it at an Estate Sale and I just had to have it. While I think the idea of killing an animal for taxidermy is horrible and barbaric, I do think that vintage and “found” taxidermy is beautiful and I’d much rather it be in the home of a vegan than a hunter. While I know some of you may not agree with me on this topic, please understand that I did not help fund the slaughter or cruelty to any animal.

I wanted to have a gallery wall where I could display the fronts of books, vintage papers, and other art that I didn’t have a place for on my walls, so these shelves from Ikea were the perfect solution! Since the closet door to the left opens towards that wall I couldn’t have a piece of furniture or any larger shelving. I highly recommend this option if you have a similar type of wall!

The Kitchen

It’s hard to say which room is my favorite but my kitchen is definitely up there. I cannot believe that this is my kitchen. It’s spacious, beautiful, and so me. I was very inspired by Norma Arnold from The Wonder Years while decorating my kitchen. It’s a mashup of 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s kitsch and it is so warm and inviting.

The built in corner cabinets in my breakfast nook are filled with my Pyrex collection, fawns, vintage housekeeping books, and random kitchen knick knacks. I love having a little bit of green in every room so house plants felt like a great option for above the cabinets. This fabulous Dolly Parton print is from Lesley Anne Numbers and looking at it brightens my morning daily.

The Bathroom

The three words that best describe my bathroom are pink, poodles, and chalkware. I definitely want to grow my chalkware collection but I am just so in love with my pink kitschy bathroom!

The Bedroom

Our bedroom is kind of a mashup of all of the other rooms. All of the furniture is Mid Century except for the vanity which is Art Deco. I went a lot more 70’s kitsch in the bedroom than I did in the living/dining rooms. The two big eyes above the bed are my favorite part of the room and they look like me and my sister.

A few other pieces I love are the cow girl painting above my dresser, my fire engine red 1950’s sewing machine, and the little wall collage by my vanity. I tried to keep this room semi minimalistic (I know this is far from minimalistic for most people), because I wanted to avoid clutter and keep it relaxing.

An added bonus of this apartment is my patio! I have an herb garden, hanging planters, and some vintage motel chairs! I’m so in love! I can’t tell you guys enough how grateful I feel to call this place my home.

All of the dresses pictured are vintage.