May 22nd, 2016
Posted By: Emily Vallely

Over the summer I plan on going zero waste. At first this seemed a bit daunting and intimidating, but the more I’ve researched the more I’ve realized that it’s not so hard. The easiest ways to eliminate waste are to buy whole foods that can be bought from bulk bins (as well as fruits and vegetables) and also to make a lot of your own beauty/cleaning products and store them in glass/reusable containers. This is going to be a process just how going vegan was, but I’m excited for the challenge! Let me know if you’d like me to document my zero waste journey on here as well as Instagram!

A few tips for this DIY toner… When using essential oils, always buy therapeutic grade. If an essential oil is not therapeutic grade than it is most likely diluted, altered, or synthetically modified. There’s also a chance that lower grade essential oils have been manufactured using animal fats. Young Living essential oils are a bit more costly, but you can have the relief of knowing that they are culinary grade, safe for your skin, and vegan. I double checked with a customer service representative from Young Living before posting this to be sure that their essential oils are vegan/cruelty free and received this confirmation:

“We use a large variety of laboratory tests, clinical studies, scientific analysis, human volunteer testing, along with other practices to ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of each of our products. Specific practices used to ensure quality, purity, and efficacy include literature review, historical use, and laboratory testing. Laboratory testing includes microbial, analytical chemistry, and physical testing (for identification and purity).

We do not currently test our products on animals for efficacy or safety. Our products are formulated to be safe for almost all users; therefore, animal testing is not required nor performed in our product development process. As we do not require animal testing, we do not expect our vendors to practice animal testing on their products or ingredients they supply us with.

Our essential oils are all Vegan. They are 100% Theraputic grade. The bottle of oil contains oils from that specific plant and nothing else. We do not use any additives to dilute the product.”

For the dried lavender, I suggest growing your own or buying culinary grade. You do not want to put anything on your skin that you can not ingest. Plus, if you buy culinary grade you can also use it for recipes such as our Vegan Lavender Chocolate Cake. I also suggest always storing beauty products in glass containers so that they can be zero waste and to be sure there’s no chemicals going into your product (plastic contains harsh chemicals). Also, we split our toner into two bottles so that we can share, one batch might be too much for one person depending on how much you use. If you would like to see more posts about essential oils and DIY beauty products please let us know in the comments!

Benefits of Lavender Water Toner:

– Helps treat acne and eczema.

– Heals insect bites and burns.

– Cleanses the skin, reduces oiliness, prevents premature aging, and brightens skin.

DIY Lavender Water Toner
( serves: 2 Weeks )
Prep Time: 1.5 Hours


- 1/4 cup dried lavender

- 4-8 drops lavender essential oil

- 6-12 drops lemon essential oil

- 1 cup boiling water


- Boil 1 cup of water.

- Place dried lavender in a large bowl and pour boiling water into bowl.

- Place a plate or something large enough to cover top of bowl and let steep for at least 1 hour.

- Strain lavender out of the water.

- Using a funnel, pour water into one large spray bottle or two small ones.

- Pour in desired amount of essential oils. We suggest 8 drops of lavender and 12 drops of lemon if using large spray bottle or 4 drops of lavender and 6 drops of lemon if using 2 small spray bottles.

- Toner will stay fresh for approximately 2 weeks but can last a bit longer if refrigerated.