July 20th, 2019
Posted By: Emily Vallely

I’m so excited to share one of our very first vintage styling posts here on The Vintage Vegans. I have been very active on YouTube recently and have been sharing a lot of vintage content. So the three of us thought this video would be a fun project to collaborate on. In my newest video we show you How To Style A Vintage Bar Cart (3 Ways)! Almost everything in this video (including the bar cart) is available to purchase at mine and my mom’s antique booth at Magnolia and Willow! Thanks so much to my mom for helping me with the styling and to Lucy for filming and editing this video. Keep reading for an inside look at the process and some tips and tricks so that you can style your own bar cart!

Style 1: Elegant

For this classy and elegant bar cart, I had bridal shower vibes in mind. Using a sterling silver wine bucket and pitcher, and a glass cake stand and decanters, we were able to create a very polished and feminine look. However, without a few pops of color I think this would be stale. Using flowers and amber glasses, we gave the bar cart life and personality. Life hack: Make any store bought cake look instantly more glamorous by styling it with flowers. We purchased this pre-made vegan chocolate cake from Whole Foods.

Styling Tip #1: Create a color scheme or color harmony when decorating. There are no rules when it comes to color or style, but it’s just proven that some colors look great together. Complimentary colors such as violet and amber just look so darn pretty next to each other!

Styling Tip #2: When grouping items together, trays are your best friend! You can find beautiful trays in any style at your local antique/thrift shop. Not only do they allow a stylish and simple way to mass items together but they can also add unexpected color and texture to an otherwise dull surface.

Style 2: Mid-Century

The 1950’s and 60’s are continuously my favorite eras of design. The modern glamour translates well in any era and I think mid-century design is pretty timeless. The starburst glasses paired with the horse bar utensils are just so fun and have a touch of kitsch. I think it’s better to not take decor too seriously, life is short and decorating is fun!

Styling Tip #3: Using repetition in pattern and color really ties objects together and creates unity. We repeated gold accents through out the cart on the glasses, ice bucket, decanters, bar utensils, and tiered tray as well as the starburst repetition with that fabulous coral glass which also works as a great focal point.

Style 3: Tiki Boho

I’m not sure if the term “Tiki Boho” has already been coined but I’m living for this style. My mom and I have been obsessed with visiting vintage tiki bars and I think styling Tiki mugs with the very popular trend that is boho really makes them feel more modern and not so “tiki.” I’m all for a full fledged tiki room but I’m aware that’s not for everyone, so I think this is a great way to incorporate the Hawaiian style without fully committing. We created this look by using a lot of rattan and bold 1970’s colors. The bamboo handle on the ice bucket also helps to tie the look together.

Styling Tip #4: Using items of various heights and shapes creates dimension and is much more pleasing to the eye than using items that are all alike. However, repetition in shape can also be used to your advantage. It really depends on the look and feel you’re going for.

Styling Tip #5: Have fun! Remember that there are no rules when it comes to decorating. Develop your own personal style and discover what eras, styles, and colors you love. After some practice you will feel confident in your taste.

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