April 10th, 2016
Posted By: Emily Vallely

We are so excited that one of our favorite YouTubers “LaMadelynn” recently went vegan, so of course we had to talk to her about why she went vegan, her favorite vegan foods, and her goals for her channel. Her videos are so beautiful and well made and her channel is a constant source of inspiration for us. We are so happy that the vegan community is growing on YouTube!

When did you become vegan and what influenced you?

I went vegetarian about a year ago as a step towards becoming vegan, and finally cut out dairy at the beginning of this year. I took an animal rights class last year which did it for me. It made me realize how terrible the food industry is – not only for the animals and workers, but for the environment too.

What is your favorite vegan meal?

I love vegan mac n cheese (I have four recipes I rotate regularly hehe).

Who are some of your favorite vegan YouTubers/Bloggers?

Logical Harmony (YouTube) is a great one because she focuses on cruelty-free and vegan beauty (yay!) and Minimlist Baker is my favorite blog for all of my vegan recipes (double yay!).

We love your style! What is your favorite era of fashion and why?

I LOVE the sixties! A lot of my style inspiration comes from french new wave films (Pierrot le Fou and a Woman is a Woman are great). A shift dress and some Chelsea boots are my go-to!

Your YouTube videos are so well made and inspiring! What’s the biggest message you hope to convey to your viewers?

I just want to inspire others to create while sending a positive message – whether that be promoting veganism, women’s rights, or cruelty-free beauty. Getting that spark of inspiration is one of the greatest feelings, and if I can do that as an activist for animal and women’s rights – well, I’ve made it!

What is something your followers may not know about you?

A lot of my new viewers don’t know that I’m an Army brat. I’ve lived all over the world and couldn’t be more proud of my dad who’s served for 25 years!

Madelynn De La Rosa
Madelynn is a vegan YouTuber. She makes videos about fashion, beauty, and feminism.