February 8th, 2016
Posted By: Emily Vallely

Besame Cosmetics is one our favorite cruelty free beauty brands. We absolutely love their aesthetic and packaging and their products are fantastic. Plus, their entire fragrance line as well as their translucent powders are 100% vegan! We talked to founder of Besame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez, about the inspiration behind her company.


We adore your packaging and the overall aesthetic of your company. Who are some of your vintage inspirations?

I am inspired by old films, my collection of antique books, vintage makeup I find and collect on my travels, and everyday women expressing easy glamour and style.

What is your favorite era of beauty and fashion?

I love the 1930s for the clothing and overall feminine silhouette. The dresses and suits were very flattering to the female body, and the makeup and hair was soft and beautiful.


We love that all of your products are cruelty free. Was this an important factor to you when you decided to create Besame?

Yes, part of our idea with Besame was to create formulas that were simple and natural. Using proven materials that are good for the skin is one of our main goals when we create new products. We do not use animal products or ingredients derived from animals, except for our friends the bees, since our products use beeswax as one of the main waxes.


Your new Decades of Fragrance line is impeccable! Explain the process of creating different fragrances for each era.

We wanted to create period fragrances that were not based on copies of original scents from each time, since this is something that has been done before. So we started with the concept of ingredients that were available to fragrance manufacturers in those periods and decided to use the same materials to create a scent for each decade that captured the idea of the era without smelling like any particular perfume from that time. This created our version of each decade, so the fragrance conveys our idea of what being there would have been like for a lady in that time. The process took us 4 years of research and trial an error to arrive at our current collection. Our oils are hand blended in Europe and we mix each batch locally by hand at the highest percentage we can use so the perfume will last on your skin throughout the day.


Your vegan translucent powders smell amazing and feel great on the skin. Please explain their usage and how you use them in your beauty routine.

The powders are based on powders used by Marie Antoinette. She was an avid user of violet face powders. Our formula is much lighter than hers, but it is meant to brighten the skin slightly and smooth the look of your complexion without the powder build-up. I use them to set my foundation all over the face, and also when I am not wearing makeup, I use it to lighten under my eyes and take away shine on my t-zone during the day. It makes you look refreshed during the day, and it is ok to reapply as many times as necessary without build up.

What are some of your favorite vintage shops?

I love Playclothes in Burbank, Moonbeams and Polkadots, antique malls in Orange Circle in Orange County, and King Richards Antique Mall in Whittier.


Besame Cosmetics
Address: 3505 W Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA 91505
Phone: (818) 558-1558