September 9th, 2016
Posted By: Emily Vallely

Going vegan is not only a diet change but a full lifestyle change. Pretty much everything you buy can either be bought cruelty free or from a company that tests on animals. Buying cruelty free products has never been easier. There are so many cruelty free/vegan options for every price range and products are easily accessible at stores like Target, Ulta, Walmart, and even your local grocery stores. If you are unsure if a product is cruelty free, a quick Google search will usually clear up all your questions or you can use PETA’s search engine. I also highly suggest researching the cruelty that is inflicted on animals so that you can understand why this is such an important cause to get behind. In my most recent YouTube video I share my favorite cruelty free and vegan products. I have linked every product mentioned in the description of the video. PS The toothpaste I’m currently using is Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste!