February 23rd, 2016
Posted By: Emily Vallely

If you have been following us for the past few years then you know that Ay Que Vintage is our favorite vintage shop! We’ve been shopping at Ay Que since 2011 and majority of our wardrobe is from this amazing shop! Owner, Lizette Suarez, has the best style and eye for vintage clothing. We decided to interview her to learn more about her and her wonderful business!

ay que 2

What inspired you to open your own shop?

Well originally I was a fashion design student. I really wanted to create my own clothing line. I’ve always loved vintage, so I would try to use vintage designs as inspiration. I started working on reconstructed vintage for myself. Eventually I started losing interest in design and pattern making. After that, my passion for vintage really started growing. I began doing small markets selling my own vintage clothing. Then I began buying vintage to resell and doing bigger markets and special shows. In March of 2010 my sister and I decided to become business partners and open up a vintage shop. We were debating between Long Beach, Silver Lake, and other LA areas. We figured Long Beach would be best for us since it’s close to home and also Long Beach caters to small independent businesses. I’m so glad we picked Long Beach, we are now going on 6 years of business. We have been very grateful for the love and support of our amazing customers that have followed and supported us through the years.  

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How long have you been wearing and collecting vintage clothing?

I’ve been wearing and collecting vintage since I was in 7th grade. In my 10th grade year of high school my style really started to develop. I found myself attracted to lots of neutrals, lace and knits. I use to wear pearl necklaces and floral details. My style was very girly.

What is your favorite thing about owning a small business?

My favorite thing about owning my own business is the fact that I can really express myself and not have anyone hold me back. I feel like I’m able to be as creative as I can in comparison to working for someone. I love that I can show people my eye, my vision. The fact that it’s my job to please, amuse and inspire people. 

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Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

My biggest fashion inspiration would probably be a mixture of Twiggy, Frida Khalo and Louise Brooks. Very random mix but they are my favorite of all time. 

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What era do you find most inspiring?

I guess this makes the questions above make more sense. I have three eras that are my favorite. I have a huge obsession with the 1960s, I love the colors and prints. My favorite thing about the 60s though was the cuts on dresses and details. I also really love the 30’s and 40’s I love the Mexican traditional clothing that Frida would wear. The way she would mix traditional and European fashion. The textiles, colors and accessories. Ahh makes me excited just talking about it. I also really love the 20s. The hues and fabrics, the way the clothing was made to drape your body but look so elegant. The details on the clothing was so amazing. I could go on and on.

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Ay Que Vintage
Address: 105 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 436-3555