February 16th, 2016
Posted By: Ann Vallely

I’ve been collecting McCoy pottery since the year 2000. When I first started collecting I was obsessed. I love the floral patterns and rich beautiful colors. I have to admit that Martha Stewart turned me on to it. Say what you want about her, but she has amazing taste. Whenever I talk to someone about it and they have never heard of it, I say the term “It’s the real McCoy” originates from the pottery. Most of the pottery has a clear marking of McCoy on the bottom. It can get pretty pricey but you can find affordable ones out there at flea markets and antique shops. It’s the thrill of the hunt! PS A few of my pieces are not pictured here because my daughters borrowed (stole) them!

mccoy 1
mccoy 2
mccoy 3
mccoy 4
mccoy 5
mccoy 6
mccoy 7
mccoy 9
mccoy 10
mccoy 11
mccoy 12
mccoy 13
mccoy 14
mccoy 15
mccoy 16
mccoy 17