Sisters, Emily and Lucy Vallely have been blogging since 2010. They started their vintage fashion blog, OHEMV, to inspire others to shop small and local and to purchase used and vintage clothing. They gained a large following and had the opportunity to host multiple small business events and interview other vintage bloggers and influencers. Over time, their style and life outlook has evolved which is why a change in their blogging career was necessary. In the Fall of 2015, the Vallely family decided to become vegan for the Earth, animals, and their health. It is the best decision they ever made and now they want to share their passion with the world. The Vintage Vegans is the evolution of OHEMV. Now joined by their mom, Ann, they will have content that they always had (outfits, interviews, etc.), as well as vegan recipes and cruelty free beauty. They noticed something was missing in the world of veganism, classic and glamorous American cuisine. Although tofu and brown rice are great, they don’t exactly entice the average person to become vegan. The Vintage Vegans are here to share recipes full of flavor, such as Truffle Mac N Cheese, Red Velvet Pancakes, and Oreo Truffles. Every week they will share vegan versions of their favorite classic recipes. Becoming vegan doesn’t mean you have to fit the hippie aesthetic. There is room for glamour, flavor, and creativity in the world of veganism. Oh and don’t worry, there’s tons of protein as well!